I'll tell you what's not coming to you darling, a big tip.

—Zoe Trent

Zoe Trent is a talented Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This dog is owned by John and Clarissa. She is a real diva who loves to sing, dance and stand in the spotlights.

Quotes Edit

The say you shouldn't reinvent the wheel -- but that doesn't mean you can't make it fancier!

Fanciful! Now you're rolling in style!

Their walk may be a bit stilted, but flamingos are all elegance on the dance floor! You could learn a few dance steps from this bird!

A little bird told me a secret ... it knows a canary that needs a home! I think our town would be the perfect fit!

Can you hear the canaries' singing drifting in the wind? It's like the cutest flute band ever!

I love that it's always sunny in our town, but sometimes it gets too warm! We need a place where our pet can cool off!

With all the playing these pets do they are bound to get tired sometimes. Let's pamper them with a fun day at the spa!

Pets love massages, but facials are their particular favorite! it might have to do with all those cucumbers!

Guess what time it is? Give up? Snack time! Let's feed the little critters!

Quests Edit

Zoe's learns you how to play the game. In the beginning you must follow her instructions and buy the Art studio and the Welsh corgis. She will also ask you to invite some 'Random Players', learn you how to complete a dreamset, aks friends for a gift and accept a gift from a friend. You'll get 500 kibble for those quest and 3 awards will be unlocked. Her quests are shown first in the game. Then the other pets arrive one by one and begin giving quests. She learns you how to play the game.

Name Task Reward Skip
Your first pet! Buy Welsh corgis 50 kibble
Lookin' good! Tap on your pet's thought bubble to clean him. 50 kibble Not possible
Just dry me! Play the hairdryer mini game! 50 kibble
Play all day! Tap on your pet's thought bubble and playtime begins! 50 kibble 2 bling
Park play Toss the ball to your pet 50 kibble
Playtime for pets Buy a play area from the shop 25 kibble 2 bling
First corgi Select the first corgi in the Welsh Corgis collection 50 kibble 2 bling
Edit time! Use the 'Edit Mode' in the Tools menu 25 kibble 2 bling
Delighted duo Play care mini games to get your pet happy 75 kibble 2 bling
Tap to play! Tap on a play area 50 kibble 2 bling
Background check Buy the farm location from the shop and apply it 50 kibble 2 bling
Splish splash bath! Clean 3 pets 75 kibble 2 bling
Three piece feed Play Yum yum time with 3 pets 100 kibble 2 bling
Adoption Adopt a Boston terrier 125 kibble 2 bling
Double play dates Play the friendship mini-game twice 250 kibble 2 bling
Third Dachshund Dog Get the third Dachshund dog. 250 Kibble Not possible
Ten piece feed Play Yum yum time with 10 pets 350 kibble 2 bling
Four gifter Place four gifts around town 400 kibble 2 bling
Don't doubt! Collect 50,000 Kibble 1,500 Kibble 2 Bling
The piggy bank Collect 250,000 Kibble 5,000 Kibble 2 Bling
Plenty of plumage Welcome a flamingo 10,000 Kibble Not possible
Popular pool Get a wading pool 10,000 Kibble Not possible
Friendly Feathers Welcome a peacock. 20,000 Kibble Not possible
Cutesy canaries Get canaries 25,000 Kibble 2 Bling
Purr-fect Fashion Get the boutique 20,000 Kibble Not possible
Relaxed snacks Get the Day Spa 15,000 Kibble Not possible
Holiday Classic Get a Tire Swing 10,000 Kibble Not possible
Canine Companion Buy a bulldog 15,000 Kibble Not possible
Close Enemies Buy the Largest Ever Pet Shop 20,000 Kibble 2 Bling
Wheel Wonder Get the Fancy Wheel 10,000 Kibble Not possible
Jump to Safety Get the Escape Trampoline 10,000 Kibble 2 Bling

Gallery Quests Edit