I am not a humanarian! I am an animal!

—Russell Ferguson

Russell Ferguson is a talented organizer and loves food. This hedgehog is owned by Mrs. Owen. He's a smart guy, sometimes he makes things to complicated because he wants everything to be perfect.

Quotes Edit

The only sure way to get better is to practice. You should hone your skill in games! Get to it!

Candy and caramel and cakes! Oh my!

Awesome! What a great house! I wish I could live there too! Do you?

Jaguars are a mystery to me... Probably because they're so mysterious!

When the going gets tough, the tough get armadillos! Don't worry; these little armored knights are cuddlier than they look!

Gold in every category! That doesn't matter though, because when you have this much fun, everyone's a winner!

Quests Edit

Russell's quests are mainly about building your pet collection and earning kibble.

Name Task Reward Skip
Furry friends Pick a new pet 50 kibble
House hunting Buy a house from the shop 50 kibble 2 bling
Get pet vet Buy the Pet vet funhouse from the shop 50 kibble 2 bling
Mailbox tapper Collect kibble from the mailbox 25 kibble 2 bling
Movie theater Get the Movie Theater from the funhouse section of the shop 25 kibble
Feeding time Feed a pet 25 kibble 2 bling
Kilo of kibble Earn 300 kibble 150 kibble 2 bling
First dachshund Adopt a dachshund 125 kibble
Running outta room Buy a house 125 kibble
Second dachshund Get your dachshund to full happiness 500 kibble
Fundraiser 750 Collect 750 kibble 300 kibble 2 bling
Fundraiser 2500 Collect 2500 kibble 300 kibble 2 bling
Three of a kind Get three pets from any collection 300 kibble
Spin to win Buy a spinner from the shop 250 kibble
Build a Family Using care mini-games, get the third pet in three pet collections 250 kibble Not possible
Friendly games Play Friendship mini-game 5 times with any pet 250 Kibble 2 Bling
Gift better Have 12 Gifts placed 500 Kibble 2 Bling
New bug in town Get ladybugs 10,000 Kibble 2 Bling
Challenge accepted Collect 100,000 Kibble 2,000 Kibble 2 Bling
Scared pets don't spin Get the Fun spinner 2,000 Kibble 2 Bling
Littlest Sweet Shop Get the Sweet Shop 20,000 Kibble 2 Bling
Behind the armor Get an armadillo 10,000 Kibble Not possible
The Final Frontier Get a Spinner 20,000 Kibble Not possible
Furtive Feline Get a jaguar 15,000 kibble Not possible
Go for Gold Play Friendship mini-game 15 times 300 Kibble 2 Bling
Going pro Play Friendship mini-game 20 times 400 Kibble 2 Bling

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