On the bottom right corner of the screen you see a small Treasure Chest. When you tab this tool button you have access to the main menu. The fourth option is Lucky Paws. When you tab on the Power Ball the lottery starts.

The Spinning Capsule is the Toy Machine of Littlest Pet Shop. The goal is to get all the gifts that are on the wish list of your pets. Once a day you can play the free Lucky Paws game to win a price for your pets. If you play 5 days in a row you can play the Hearts Lucky Paws game for free. If you're feeling lucky you can spend some Bling or Hearts to play the Bling Lucky Paws game or Hearts Lucky Paws game.

Need an easy overview of all the prizes you can win? Take a look at our table with all the gifts that are available in the game: Gifts.

Free Lucky Paws game Edit

  • Beige Spring EggGo to Gifts
  • Bone RopeGo to All gifts
  • BoomboxGo to All gifts
  • Bottled BoneGo to Gifts
  • CornGo to Gifts
  • FlowervaseGo to All gifts
  • Green Spring EggGo to Gifts
  • LollipopGo to All gifts
  • PinwheelGo to All gifts
  • Lovely CupGo to All gifts
  • Suit CaseGo to All gifts
  • WatermelonGo to Gifts
Take your chances with the Lucky Paws every day. It's free once a day! You never know what you could win!

—Penny Ling

Each day you get a free turn on the Gashapon. You can win a Beige Spring Egg, Holiday Mittens, Flower Vase, Guitar, Corn, Cookie, Drink, Alligator Toy, Blue Basket, Bathtub, Bone Nasket, Bone Rope, Boombox, Bottled Bone, Shopping bag, Ring of Fire, Pizza, Portrait, Pinwheel, Lovely Cup, Lollipop, Suitcase, Slippers, Top Hat, Swirly Lollipop and a Watermelon.

Bling Lucky Paws game Edit

  • Stuffed bearGo to All gifts

A turn on the this vending machine costs 20 Bling. You can win a Bone, Binoculars, Handbag, Headphones, Ice Pop, Birthday Cake, Maracas, Microphone, Picnic Basket, Red Basket, Steak, Stuffed Bear, Surfboard, Trophy, Umbrella, Watering Can, Zoe's pillow and even Horses, Raccoons and Sweet Delights.

Hearts Lucky Paws game Edit

  • AcornGo to All gifts
  • BellsGo to Gifts
  • Bone PieGo to Gifts
  • BouquetGo to All gifts
  • Bow PurseGo to Gifts
  • Candy CaneGo to Gifts
  • CanteenGo to Gifts
  • CarrotGo to All gifts
  • Carrot CakeGo to All gifts
  • Fir-TreeGo to All gifts
  • LongboardGo to Gifts
  • PeanutsGo to All gifts
  • Robe ToyGo to Gifts
  • Slice of CakeGo to All gifts
  • StatueGo to All gifts
  • StereoGo to All gifts
  • SunglassesGo to Gifts
  • Water BottleGo to Gifts
Playing a game of chance like Lucky Paws is as exciting as it is emotional. Are you ready to put your Hearts on the line?

—Vinnie Terrio

A capsule gift from this machine costs 50 Hearts. You can win a Flower pot, Carrot Cake, Canteen, Carrot, Fir-Tree, Bells, Acorn, Bone-Pie, Bouquet, Bow-Purse, Candy Cane, Shaved Ice, Rope Toy, Longboard, Peanuts, Sunglasses, Stereo, Slice of Cake, Statue, Water Bottle and even a Cat.