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Kibbles are golden coins with a dog paw print on it. Those coins or kibbles are used to buy pets, houses, play areas, funhouses, accessories and gifts for friends.

When you just start to play it may seem hard to earn kibble. The more you play, the more play areas and funhouses you have, the more kibble you will earn.

How to earn kibbleEdit

The easiest way to earn money is just by playing the game. For every day you play you get some kibble. If you play 4 day in a row, the amount of kibble gets higher and after five days you get a Lucky Paws game as reward.

Buying kibbleEdit

Pets bought with kibbleEdit

Houses bought with kibbleEdit

Accesories bought with kibbleEdit

Did you know? Edit

In the United States, kibble is a name for dry dog food. [1]

A kibble is an iron bucket used in mines for hoisting anything to the surface [2]

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