Hearts are one of the three currencies used in 'Littlest Pet Shop' to buy accessories, play the Hearts Lucky Paws game or care for the pets.

How to earn heartsEdit

When you visit 'Dream Town' and the towns of friends you'll be rewarded with hearts. Each day you can find five hearts in five towns by tapping on items like teacups, books, balls, etc.

When you give a gift to your friends you also get a heart in return. There is a fancy cheat that comes with the art of giving. When one of your friends puts a cheep gift on his or her wishlist, like a pearl of 100 Kibble or a cap of 200 Kibble you win the jackpot. You can keep on giving that same gift until you friend claims the gift you gave him. The only thing your friend needs to do is refusing to claim the gift until you have enough hearts.

Buying heartsEdit

There is no way to buy hearts. You need to get friends and keep on cleaning and giving.

Accesories bought with heartsEdit