When you install the game you get a code as your players name. With that code other players can invite you to become friends. You can only invite players who have installed the game on the same platform. If you have an Android, you can only invite android players, if you have an Apple device you can only invite iOS players.

Depending on your device, you can connect your Facebook account with the game. When you do that your Avatar becomes the profile picture you have on Facebook and your name also changes. This makes it easier for other players to remember you because, you will be listed in their list with your name instead of your in-game number.

Other players cannot invite you by your Facebook name. If you want to promote yourself you need to give your in-game code. When you are in the Social Menu you will see a button called 'My Code' under your avatar. When you tab on it you will see your in-game code and two buttons. With the first one 'Code', you can copy your code to post it anywhere on the internet. With the second one, 'Share your code', you can post your code on Facebook.

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