The pets proudly announce: Every day there is a reason to celebrate with cupcakes and cookies! With 6 houses and 2 fun houses you can bake and sell enough cookies, cupcakes and sweets for all the pets in Littlest Pet Shop. The Bake Shop, Littlest Bakery, the Cake Clubhouse, the Sweet Shop, the Honey hideaway, the Cupcake Slide and the Treat Truck are all you need to create the best treats and enjoy a sparkly celebration.

The Cupcake Slide is a funhouse that costs 95 Bling and gives a reward of 3,000 Kibble. In addition, there are 4 tappable areas on this funhouse, each of which give up to ... Kibble when tapped.

Pets who asks for a Cupcake Slide Edit

Quest for which you have to buy this funhouse Edit

Littlest Pet Shop 2012 Edit

In the first season, episode 20, Bakers and Fakers, there is a baking competition at Blythe’s school. Blythe decides to enter. Together with the pets she makes a delicious cake in the Sweet Shop.

Toy line Hasbro Edit

In the toy line there are a few play sets you can buy:

  • Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest Pets Bakery [1] (Item A1573) is sold in retail for 14,99 dollar. A puppy (#3015) and a lamb (#3016) are included.
  • Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest Gourmet Goodies Set [2] (Item A1320) is sold for 9,99 dollar. Minka Mark (#3009) is included and she can't wait to start a baking contest.
  • The Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest Bakery Pack [3] (item: A1354), sold for 12,99 dollar. The Horse (#3027) and Armadillo (#3028) are ready to share some treats with their friends, the Turtle (#3029) and the Poodle (#3030).
  • The Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest Hide [4] What about a penguin hiding in a cupcake or a lamb hidden in a macaroon? Sounds delicious.
  • Treat Truck is a popular play set in the toy line of Hasbro. Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest Sweet Delights Treat Truck (Item 1356) is sold in retail for 19,99 dollar. [5] Among the collectors prices go up to 153 dollars. [6]

Gallery Edit

All the pets need a place to play. This is a special Gallery to show who is playing in your Cupcake Slide.