The Bamboo Bungalow is a house that you can buy for 50 Bling. Houses are meant for the pets, for each pet you need a room. The Bamboo Bungalow has 4 rooms, so 4 pets can live in this house. Houses don't give a reward, but you can put a play area on it to earn money. The Bamboo Bungalow has room for 2 play area.

Wishlist Pets Edit

Quest Edit

Name Task Reward Skip
Bamboo bungalow Buy a Bamboo bungalow 2,000 Kibble 2 Bling

Awards Edit

Award Task Amount
All Houses Obtain all Houses 26
All Buildings Obtain all Buildings 43
Shop-a-holic Get 30 items or more from the store 30
Shopper Get 5 items from the shop 5