On the bottom right corner of the screen you see a small Treasure Chest. When you tab this tool button you have access to the main menu. One of the options is Awards. When you tab on the Trophy you see all the awards you won during the game.

This is a list of all the thinks you need to do if you want to win the awards in 'Littlest Pet Shop'.

Award Task Amount
All Hound Dogs Find all Hound Dogs 5
All Dachshunds Find all Dachshunds 5
All Lop Rabbits Find all Lop Rabbits 5
All Dalmatians Find all Dalmatians 5
All Persian Kittens Find all Persian Kittens 5
All Squirrels Find all Squirrels 5
All Yorkies Find all Yorkies 5
All Raccoons Find all Raccoons 5
All Bears Find all Bears 5
All Puppies Find all Puppies 5
All Sweet Delights Find all Sweet Delights 5
All Quirky Kitties Find all Quirky Kitties 5
All Huskies Find all Huskies 5
All Collies Find all Collies 5
All Chihuahuas Find all Chihuahuas 5
All Boston Terriers Find all Boston Terriers 5
All Lop Bunnies Find all Lop Bunnies 5
All Longtail Cats Find all Longtail Cats 5
All Cats Find all Cats 5
All Kittens Find all Kittens 5
All Horses Find all Horses 5
All Persian Cats Find all Persian Cats 5
All Goats Find all Goats 5
All Lions Find all Lions 5
All Lambs Find all Lambs 5
All Dancing Horses Find all Dancing Horses 5
All Ferrets Find all Ferrets 5
All Welsh Corgis Find all Welsh Corgis 5
All Felines Find all Felines 5
All Zebras Find all Zebras 5
All Funhouses Obtain all Funhouses 17
All Houses Obtain all Houses 26
All Buildings Obtain all Buildings 43
Shop-a-holic Get 30 items or more from the store 30
Shopper Get 5 items from the shop 5
Clean Clean 5 pets 5
Cleaniest! Clean the same pet 20 times 20
Well fed! Feed the same pet 20 times 20
Fed! Feed 5 pets 5
Played! Play with 5 pets 5
Played out! Play with the same pet 20 times 20
Tapper Tap 10 street objects 10
In Business! Earn 1,000 Kibble 1,000 Kibble
Matchmaker Arrange 10 playdates 10
Gifted Get 10 gifts 10
Regular Play the game 5 days in a row 5
Town planner Complete 30 Quests 30
Tycoon Build 10 Buildings 10
All Penguins! Find all Penguins 5
All Koalas! Find all Koalas 5
All Ladybugs! Find all Ladybugs 5
All Canaries! Find all Canaries 5
All Tigers! Find all Tigers 5
All Sheepdogs! Find all Sheepdogs 5
All Cows! Find all Cows 5
All Chipmunks! Find all Chipmunks 5
All Foxes! Find all Foxes 5
All Prairie Dogs! Find all Prairie Dogs 5
All Peacocks! Find all Peacocks 5
All Armadillos! Find all Armadillos 5
All Elephants! Find all Elephants 5
All Flamingos! Find all Flamingos 5
All Turtles! Find all Turtles 5
All Bees! Find all Bees 5
All Jaguars! Find all Jaguars 5
All Fun Ferrets! Find all Fun Ferrets 5
All Polar Bears! Find all Polar Bears 5
All Llamas! Find all Llamas 5
All Deer! Find all Deer 5
All Mice! Find all Mice 5
All Swans! Find all Swans 5
All Giraffes! Find all Giraffes 5
All Spaniels! Find all Spaniels 5
All Maltese Find all Maltese 5
Complete Dream Set! Complete your first Dream Set 1
Fill up Wish List Fill up your Wish List 3
Gift sender! Send 3 gifts 3
Rewarded from Gift Giver Receive an award of Gift Giver 1
All Coon Cats Find all Coon Cats 5
All Adventurous Bears Find all Adventurous Bears 5
All Bulldogs Find all Bulldogs 5
All Energetic Tigers Find all Energetic Tigers 5
All Fun Elephants Find all Fun Elephants 5
All Happy Koalas Find all Happy Koalas 5
All Stylish Bunnies Find all Stylish Bunnies 5
All Fancy Tigers Find all Fancy Tigers 5
All Dogs Find all Dogs 5
All Fancy Spaniels Find all Fancy Spaniels 5
All Spring Bunnies Find all Spring Bunnies 5
All Fun Squirrels Find all Fun Squirrels 5
All Lap Dogs Find all Lap Dogs 5
All Seagulls Find all Seagulls 5